Real people.
Real training.

We’ve been Gainesville’s favorite place to train martial arts for more than 40 years, and we invite you to experience why.

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Jiu Jitsu

  • Gainesville’s First and Oldest BJJ Program

  • More than 20 Years of Training Experience

  • Classes for Adults, Youth, and Women Only

  • Affiliated with Zenith BJJ under Rob Drysdale

  • Active Competition Team 

  • Offering Combatives and Self Defense Training


Muay Thai

  • Gainesville’s First and Oldest Muay Thai Program

  • More than 20 Years of Training Experience

  • Classes for Adults and Youth

  • Direct Lineage to 8x World Champ Ramon Dekkers

  • Active Competition Team

  • Full Contact and Fitness Kickboxing Options


Tactical Karate and Japanese Ju Jutsu

  • Gainesville’s First and Oldest Tactical Karate and Japanese Ju Jutsu Program

  • More than 40 Years of Training Experience

  • Classes for Adults and Youth

  • Direct Lineage to Isamu Tamotsu, Affiliated with Yushinmon Shorinji-ryu Karate in Tokyo, Japan

  • Only Academy in Gainesville offering training all Japanese, Okinawan, and Modern Self Defense weapons, including archery


Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Training 

  • Gainesville’s First and Oldest Mixed Martial Arts Training Program

  • More than 30 Years of Training Experience

  • Classes for Adults and Youth

  • Active Competition Team


Combat Fitness

  • Gainesville’s First and Only Comprehensive Martial Arts Fitness and Conditioning Program

  • Classes for Adults and Teens

  • Training Options Include Kickboxing Conditioning, FlowFit, Samurai Strong, and Barre KBX


 Kinder Kicks

  • First-of-its-Kind Preschool Martial Arts Program in Gainesville

  • Classes for 3-4 Year Olds, 18-36 Month Olds, and Parent/Child Classes for Ages 0-18 Months

  • Focusing on Pre-Martial Arts Skills, Movement, Focus, and Discipline


We know that where you train is just as important as what you train.

That’s why we focus on creating the perfect environment for you and your family.

Global MMA is a boutique martial arts facility with more than 3,000 square feet of training space, two training rooms with seamless mat systems installed on raised wooden floors (no mats on concrete here!), air conditioning, shower facilities, locker room, changing room, and premium amenities.

Our facilities are designed by martial artists for martial artists, and we believe in the genuine training community we’re fortunate to call ours.

We’re just waiting for you to join us.


About Global MMA


From Our Family to Yours

Jason and Carly Dodd are committed to fostering the highest quality of martial arts training and environment through premier instruction and sincere care for Global MMA members’ wellness.


What Our People Say 

Jiu Jitsu helped me develop a lot of confidence, a whole new skill set, it’s fantastic training, and it’s really changed my life. If you’re looking for a strong workout with a good skill set to go with it, consider Jiu Jitsu and consider Global MMA.
— Craig S.
Rarely have I been to a more welcome and warm environment. The sense of community and acceptance was a complete surprise to me. If I had known that it would be such a life affirming experience, I would have started training here 10 years ago.
— Thom C.
On top of providing top class training from excellent, knowledgeable masters of martial arts, Global MMA academy also boasts one of the finest communities of like minded people who will push you to be your best. I cannot thank Jason and Carly enough for everything they’ve done for my life and health.
— Jacob I.
When I first came in, I weighed 300 pounds. I tried weightlifting, I tried running, and nothing really worked, but I’ve been coming here for six months and I’ve lost 36 pounds. I feel like I’m in pretty good shape and I’ve made a lot of friends. It’s not like other workout regimens.
— Anson W.
It sounds cliche, but Global MMA has changed my life. I’ve lost 65 pounds. This is the most amazing thing you can do for fitness, for self defense, if you want a confidence boost, a good community of people to know, this is the place to do that.
— Josh C.
This school is the best environment I’ve ever been in. The teacher really cares for his students if you ever want to reach out and really grab for a goal this is a great place to start.
— Joshua B.
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