We're kind of like The Magic School Bus meets Bruce Lee. Here's what we promise:

Limited class sizes: You'll never find more than 25 students in our school pick up program. 

Learning by doing: Students do enough desk work. Not only do we believe in experiential education, but also believe that young learners need plenty of physical activity. We keep minds and bodies moving throughout the afternoon.

Leadership from consistent, experienced educators: Our after school program director brings more than a decade of experience in traditional and non-formal education arenas. No one with less than 10 years of coaching or instructing experience will teach our child at our academy. 


Our students will typically train in one enrichment and two martial arts classes per day, every single weekday. (We offer an additional enrichment class on Wednesdays, which is an early release day for public schools.)

Enrichment Classes: Bushido (Leadership) for Kids, Martial (World) Music, Martial (World) History, Intro to Japanese, Intro to Portuguese, Youth Life Skills

Martial Arts Classes: Japanese Karate, Muay Thai (Kickboxing), Self Defense, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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