Concealed Weapons + Firearm Training

Whether you're interested in applying for a Florida concealed weapon license, or you would like tactical training in self defense with a weapon (and we teach a variety of them), we can help.

Private Training Options

  • Concealed Weapon License Prep: Sitting in a classroom meets minimum requirements. We want you to have full proficiency. Our weapons and firearms instructors can help you get to a level of comfort, safety, and proficiency with concealed weapons.
  • Non-Firearm Weapons Training: Fixed blade knives, tactical pens, self defense keychains, tasers, and more. You've got options, and we can teach you how to use them effectively in a defense scenario.
  • Firearm Training: Our instructors can work with live and demo weapons to teach shooting, defense, and more.

Interested? Let's talk.

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