I'm new. How do I get started?

Congratulations on deciding to give martial arts a try! We're honored that you're interested in our programs. Our academy provides the perfect combination of great environment, positive community, and second-to-none quality of training in multiple martial arts. 

First step: Sign up for a free tour.

Is this tour absolutely necessary? Nope. Is it valuable? Yep! The goal for this tour is for us to set aside a half hour to meet you, show you the facility, and walk through any questions or interests you have. Above and beyond our training, we want to plug you and your family into a great community of folks. Book your tour here.

Second: Try out your 5 free classes.

Why 5 classes? Well, we do a lot here. We recommend trying multiple types of classes at different times so that you can decide which programs best fit your interests and schedule. You may come in thinking you want to train Brazilian jiu jitsu, and fall in love with Muay Thai after trying a class. You can borrow our equipment during these classes, so there is no investment or obligation for you.

Third: Choose your program.

Because we are committed to being family-focused, we make every effort to being versatile and affordable. We offer four training programs for youth and adults, and our Kinder Kicks training program for students ages 4 and under. We offer per class rates, and month-to-month memberships at $49, $99, and $149 per month. Discounts are available for college students, military families, law enforcement, and additional family members. Check out our fall schedule here.

Finally: Get started!

After you choose your program, we'll hook you up with equipment and get you on the mat!

Carly Doddgeneral