What's the culture like at your academy?

We're kind of like Karate Kid's Mr. Miyagi meets Bruce Lee meets Rocky. While we train for high-level martial arts and MMA, we also offer a high-quality, professional training facility. Instead of a cage, you'll see a 6-foot by 24-foot padded wall. Instead of mats thrown on the floor, you'll find 2,000 square feet of seamless mat system on raised wooden floors that we mop and disinfect no less than twice per day. (Your joints will thank you.) We have a private strength training studio because we know that getting started in the open air of a gym can be intimidating. We have programs for women, for people with mobility restrictions, for military and law enforcement, for general self defense, and more. We don't allow egos. We welcome new comers and beginners. We respect our training partners and our facility. We're focused on creating a safe, positive environment and supportive community for every single person who walks through our doors.

We have an old school mentality. That means that we remain consistent regardless of training trends. We don't give children black belts (18 and up!). We require hard work for rewards. We expect courtesy and respect to ourselves and others. We hold ourselves accountable to each other.

We do not play around when it comes to child safety. All of our youth martial arts programs are taught by academy owner and quadruple black belt Jason Dodd, not only for consistency of coaching but for protecting our youth students from injury. We want the most experienced person at the academy teaching our kids. We do not allow any minors to be alone in our facility with adults. All youth private lessons must have an adult other than the instructor present, and we audio and video record our training floors 24/7. 

Our business has been in Gainesville for about 30 years, and under current ownership for more than a decade. We ask that you show up and train hard, and we will support you every step of the way. Our academy is managed directly by its owners, husband and wife team Jason and Carly Dodd. That means that if you have any questions or problems, you have direct access to an owner.

In addition to our martial arts training programs, we house Gainesville Defense (our street-style self defense training programs), Gainesville Fight Shop (full-service martial arts equipment, apparel, and gift shop), and Warrior Wellness Collective (where we make self care and wellness available to all of our members and their families).

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