Updates to 2019 Class Schedule

Overview of Updates to Class Schedule Beginning Jan. 1

Addition of MMA Classes

All adult programs will have the option to train in two MMA classes, at 11a and 6:30p on Wednesdays.

Expanded Striking Classes

Kickboxing Conditioning at 5:30p on Monday - Thursday AND Kickboxing Fundamentals on Mondays at 11a are now part of the Muay Thai and Karate memberships for adults.

New Fitness Classes

Animal Flow Fit, a class including movements from Ginastica Natural and floor-based bodyweight fitness training, will be held on Mondays at 7:30p, and is included in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Warrior Fitness memberships. Samurai Strong, a combination of yoga, karate forms, and Pilates rolled into a class using Japanese weapons as toning sticks, will be on Wednesdays at 7:30p.

Additional Weapons Class

An additional Japanese Weapons class is added on Fridays at 6:30p.

New Curriculum for Tactical Karate and Japanese Ju Jutsu Classes for Adults

Adults will now have the option to train with more options in our Tactical Karate and Japanese Ju Jutsu program.

More Kinder Kicks Classes

Our Kinder Kicks program is expanding to include two classes for ages 3-4 years and two classes for ages 18-36 months.

More to Come!

We look forward to announcing more classes as they become available. Check for updates at https://www.globalmmaacademy.com/class-schedule/.

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